Anscombe’s quartet and statistical noob traps

Hey, If you are ‘data-driven’ then decision-making can seem deceptively easy. Ever compared a bunch of descriptive stats between datasets? Like mean, standard deviation, correlation? It is easy to look at a table of such numbers and carry on with your day. Sadly, using popular stats and linear regression is a common noob trap, one… Continue reading Anscombe’s quartet and statistical noob traps

What is a standard error?

Hi, Most people understand standard deviation. If not they at least understand how to derive an average. I have had a few people ask me the definition of standard error. So I suppose there is an impetus to make this post. Posting this on the 1st of April isn’t a jab at the people with… Continue reading What is a standard error?

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Days of Christmath

Merry! I bring presents regardless of whether you celebrate the birth of Isaac Newton… according to the Julian calendar. I know everyone is excited to peruse math over the holiday period. Anyway, on the first day of Christmath your good friend brought to you a song and a math. December 25th: Day 1 Area of… Continue reading Days of Christmath

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Practical SQL for everybody

Hay Everyone’s favourite querying language can do more than fetch data to analyse in Python. I firmly believe that in the darkest timeline people use SQL to do everything from developing apps to creating mission critical artificial intelligence. SQL is easy to pick up and do cool things with, which makes it a good stepping… Continue reading Practical SQL for everybody

Automating your Python scripts in the cloud ☁

Hey, It can be hard to get started running scripts in the cloud. I waited till my computer could not compute some of the larger datasets in my personal projects. Luckily I had learned some of these Linux commands when accessing the supercomputer at work. If you’re a product manager, marketer, financial analyst or data… Continue reading Automating your Python scripts in the cloud ☁

Systems thinking for Product Managers part 2

Hi, I thought it would be good to focus on the common problems people encounter and why we get surprised by systems. Perhaps we best get started with an anecdote. In India during the British rule there was a snake “problem”. I imagine it was much like Australia’s spider “problem”. The colonists decided that to… Continue reading Systems thinking for Product Managers part 2

Systems thinking for Product Managers part 1

Ni hao, Systems thinking is a complex topic but we can make sense of it. We will try to define systems and how to think about them in simple terms. The discipline is as useful for product teams as it is for economists, politicians and other strategists. Why product managers? Everybody loves calling everyone else… Continue reading Systems thinking for Product Managers part 1

Accounting ratios for apes

Namaste, Accounting is the process of identifying, measuring, recording and communicating financial information. If you are not yet asleep then please congratulate yourself. Accountants are reputably boring but they are sticklers for keeping records of a company’s assets, liabilities and owners equity. This is useful for people in finance that want to compare similar companies.… Continue reading Accounting ratios for apes