Automating your Python scripts in the cloud ☁

Hey, It can be hard to get started running scripts in the cloud. I waited till my computer could not compute some of the larger datasets in my personal projects. Luckily I had learned some of these Linux commands when accessing the supercomputer at work. If you’re a product manager, marketer, financial analyst or data… Continue reading Automating your Python scripts in the cloud ☁

Accounting ratios for apes

Namaste, Accounting is the process of identifying, measuring, recording and communicating financial information. If you are not yet asleep then please congratulate yourself. Accountants are reputably boring but they are sticklers for keeping records of a company’s assets, liabilities and owners equity. This is useful for people in finance that want to compare similar companies.… Continue reading Accounting ratios for apes

Tips for improving webpage accessibility

Accessibility can be easy Unless you work for a few tech companies people at your workplace probably don’t spend as much time thinking about accessibility. I don’t mean having a UX team that simplifies a journey but catering to users with needs such as having to access the built-in narrator on Apple, Android or Windows… Continue reading Tips for improving webpage accessibility

Economics like an economist

Well, sometimes it can be easy to forget what economics is all about. According to economic theory, our wants are unlimited yet resources are scarce. Economics is the answer to understanding and perhaps even managing scarcity in a world of rational consumers. This article covers popular economics one would expect an educational institute to have in its… Continue reading Economics like an economist